Brand Colour Profile Kit

Signature Colour Palette

No more figuring out which colours to use. No more mis-matched branding. Get a clear, consistent identity and learn how to use colours that work for you.

Colour Your Brand

Did you know 93% of people make purchase decisions based on visuals alone? And, 85% of people make purchase decisions that are informed by colour?

With stats like that, businesses can’t afford to not brand themselves properly.

Choosing colours, just because we like them isn’t enough. We are not decorating our living room or buying a new car. Rather, we are communicating.

Science tells us that people make emotional decisions. No matter how much thought we put into buying something, we will only do it if it feels right.

But, how can we influence how people feel about us?


Over and over again, science proves that colour impacts our emotions.

Restaurants and places that serve food rarely have blue decor. Why? Because blue suppresses appetite.

Banks and financial establishments rarely (if ever) use pink. Why?

Because pink is typically seen as feminine, youthful, innocent, romantic, tender, and playful. And sadly, our culture has defined these “girly qualities” as weak. Not a great image for a bank (no matter how inaccurate).

Of course, it would be great if we could just pick a colour or two that convey the “right” message, but though there are only a few hues, there is a whole spectrum of colour to choose from.

Some of them are beautiful but send the wrong message. Others send the right message but don’t grab attention.

Brand colours are more than aesthetics. They are your identity. They help people to recognise you, remember you, and (importantly) buy from you.

Find your signature brand colours

What feelings do you want to evoke?

Picking colours to generate emotion is a great place to start. Do you want to invoke a sense of calm? Or would you like your clients to feel safe? Perhaps, you’d love your clients to feel excited. 

How fast do you you want your clients to act?

Are you seeking a long-term relationship with your clients? Or, would your prefer to generate a sense of urgency?

Does you product or service better serve a specific gender?

Sometimes, the answer to this question is obvious. You would probably not market Tampax to men. Other times, rather like in life, marketing is not so binary.  Do your colours speak directly to your clients (or are they just colours that you like)?

Are your colours culturally sensitive?

Not all colours have the same effect in all cultures. Red, for example, can be associated with danger, romance, mourning, adventure, loss, excitement, passion, celebration, or grief. In many ways, it’s a great choice for Netflix!


Are your colours accessible to people with different colour perceptions? When choosing your palette, you need to be certain people with colour blindness are able to clearly view your content. All colour profiles designed by me will accommodate multiple visual needs. 

Oh gosh the colour stuff is so amazing - you doing my brand colours has literally changed my life (dramatic haha!)

L. Purvis

You get an amazing PDF which explains exactly how to use the colours, examples of them on a dummy website etc. PDF has been such a game changer as I keep it open to look at it.

Laura Burnett

WOW!!! Colette completely sorted out my brand colours (and they are gorgeous!!)


You're a remarkably talented, warm, and creative person. This brand you're creating really POPs!!!


Can’t wait to get everything transferred over to the new colours fully. Huge bravo to the amazing Colette!