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Design Call

Are you struggling to get a consistent “brand feel”? Would you love a stronger, more cohesive brand? Is your brand blending in, rather than standing out? Do you want practical strategies to up-brand your brand? Book a one-hour brand strategy call with me today for £97. 

Upbrand Your Brand

Branding, as a concept, is vast. There is a reason, large corporations spend millions on their branding.

Each aspect of their brand is explored in-depth then tested, analysed, and tweaked (often repeatedly) before being fixed in place.

Decisions about which fonts go beyond finding a “nice font”. When it comes to branding, a font expresses something intangible about a company, product, or service. Then there are decisions about which weights to use (or not use), when (if ever) to use italics, and which fonts pair well with the core brand font.

Every aspect of a website is analysed, from the background colour, the types of images, button shape, and more.

Even language is analysed and agreed upon. Which words and phrases to use, how often to use them, which synonymous phrases work, and which language to avoid.

Some brands even trademark specific words, fonts, or hex codes to maintain brand integrity and prevent imitation branding.

Of course, for many of us, we don’t have millions to spend on protecting a specific colour. But we still have incredible control over our brands.

Unlike large corporations, we have the capacity to go deep into the heart of our brands. By asking the right questions and understanding that our brand is not about us but how others perceive us, we can make consistent choices that build our brand identity with everything we do.

Our brand is not just about what we offer, or who we offer it to. It is about why we offer it and how we deliver it.

Some starter questions to consider:

What difference does your brand make to people’s lives?

What sets your brand apart from others in your industry?

What do you want your brand to be remembered for?

For more questions, and some strategies to explore these questions in-depth, book a power.


About Zoom Calls

After clicking “book now”, you will be directed to my online calendar where you can schedule a 60-minute Zoom call with me. You do not need to pay for Zoom, a free account is enough. 😉

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What Happens in a Power Hour?


Depending on the specifics of your call, I critique elements of your branding and provide practical steps and tools that you can use to improve your online brand presence.


Upon scheduling a call, you can request that the Power Hour is used to focus on your brand colours. I will look at your brand as it stands and work with you to identify a dominant brand colour. I can also show you some strategies to find complementary, accent, and neutral colours that support your brand. 


Not all fonts convey the same message. And, like colours some fonts work well together while others do not. If requested, the Zoom call can focus on finding the most suitable fonts for your brand. I will show you how to select fonts that work well together AND that create the brand image you desire.

Social Media

Would you love a live audit of your social media presence? Would you love to step away from your brand and see what others see? You can use your Power Hour for exactly this. I will visit each of your online profiles and help you see opportunities to increase sales and traffic.  

Ideal Client

Is this a major block for you? Do you struggle to see how it is relevant? Would you love to know how to help your brand connect with your ideal client? You can spend your Power Hour diving deep into each element of your ideal client and, in the process, refining your brand and building relevant content.

Brand Voice

How are your communicating with your clients?  What emotions are generated in your content? Which vocabulary or phasing helps connect people with your brand? What kind of relationships are you building? Get some insights into your brand voice, and make content writing simpler and at one with your brand.  


If you are unsure of where to start, or don’t know which aspects of your branding require focus, that’s okay! We can take a look at your overall brand and find ways to tighten it up and make it both recognisable and memorable.

Has anyone told you you are a genius? I am so glad I decided to go with you, Colette.

A. Lane

You have really inspired me and made me think about my branding, but also it made me start thinking about other changes that are needed too.

K. Richardson

You're a remarkably talented, warm, and creative person. This brand you're creating really POPs!!!


I can't believe how much clearer my brand is after just one hour. Thank you so much. Now I know what to do next.

P. Lindsey