Marketing is not easy. There is a reason corporations hire whole companies to run their campaigns.

Unfortunately, most school owners have to do all their marketing themselves. There is rarely (if ever) enough time to create consistently branded, high-quality visual content. So, business growth is stifled.

We stagnate.

But, there is another way…

How Do Mascots Help?

Worried bear looks on...

Mascots, simplify everything. They are a cost-effective and economically-effective marketing strategy. In other words, you get a lot of bang for your buck. In Japan, and other Asian nations, mascots are used successfully time and time again.

Believe it or not, the biggest reason for the success of mascots it that people don’t just like them, they LOVE them.

Imagine, if people loved your business before they even knew what you did! That’s how powerful mascots are.

Okay, I Have A Mascot, Now What?

Mascots are super versatile. Here are seven ways you can use a mascot to take the stress out of marketing.

1. Visual Content

You can use any visual software (Canva, Over, and even Word) to add your mascot to an image or document. First, drop your content onto a blank document or canvas. Next, add your mascot. Boom, you pop! Visual content includes:

  • Memes (quotes, jokes, messages)
  • Testimonials
  • Social media posts
  • Blogs on your website
  • Newsletters
  • Bulletin boards

2. Alter Ego

Alter ego mascot

It can be tricky to come up with fresh content (that isn’t sales-y) for a business account on social media. Giving a mascot control of your account on Twitter or Instagram opens the door to some amazing content. You can generate stories, talk (in-role) with customers, add humour, keep a daily diary, and even create a unique hashtag.

There are thousands of fictional characters in the world of social media. In fact, did you know Marvel has created independent Twitter accounts for each of its heroes? If they can do it, why can’t you?

3. Advertising

A marketing campaign means creating visibility around your brand; it is about building relationships. Advertising is a different ball game entirely.

Mascot Ad

People don’t like being sold to, so advertising a product or service is REALLY tough.

Think about all those times you have switched channels when the ads are on, or how quickly you have scrolled past ads on social media. It is no secret, people are more likely to pause for an advert when there is ALREADY a connection or interest.

So, to create effective ads, people need to be familiar with you. They need to know you, LIKE you and trust you. Successful marketing campaigns generate connections and build relationships long before a sale. A mascot builds relationships on your behalf so that, when you do advertise, the hard part is already done.

4. Banners and Profile Pictures

Some people (like me) love creating social media banners, but it can be downright frustrating for others. What looks good on a desktop can look horrible on a mobile device and vice versa. Then, of course, we need something that tells people what we do, and we need to look good.

Mascots provide an easy-to-recognise identity without cluttering the space. You can do it yourself by uploading the mascot file to design services such as Canva or I can do it for you.

LinkedIn Banner shows a selection of mascots
This is my LinkedIn banner. All the key parts are visible no matter which device or “view mode” is being used.
Click the banner to connect! 😉

5. Resources

Customised and branded resources can seriously set you apart from the competition. You can make mascot stickers or add your mascot to worksheets and printable activities. Incorporating your mascot into your lessons is a cool way to build community and brand loyalty. You will find it also motivates your students to talk about you to others.

And yes, I do offer services to develop customised, branded resources for independent educators!

6. Engagement Builders

Focussing on engagement alone is not going to get you sales. In fact, the posts that generate sales typically have less engagement. However, engaging and connecting with your audience builds the relationships needed to generate sales later.

So, what is an “Engagement Builder?’

Unlike advertisements, an engagement builder sets out to:

  • Learn about your audience
  • Build community
  • Generate conversation
  • Create excitement
  • Promote word-of-mouth communication
  • Boost understanding of a topic
  • and more…

There are a number of ways to build engagement:

  • Polls
  • Competitions
  • Mini-Lessons
  • Games/Activities
  • Questions
  • Stories
  • and more

Including your mascot, in these posts, generates belonging and helps your audience spot you in their feeds.

7. Merchandise

Flat Lay showing t-shirt, tote bag, notebook, and mug with a mascot on.

And finally, merchandise! Pop your mascot on tote bags, clothing, stationery, keychains, badges, cups, and so much more! Creating merchandise has many benefits. In selling, gifting, or awarding merchandise you are promoting your brand and allowing your students and customers to become fans.

That is right, they become active fans of your business. In owning a t-shirt with your mascot, your students are more likely to talk about you and recommend you to others. Your business name spreads organically AND you generate a second income stream.

What is not to love?