This is #day15.
Over the summer, I am writing a short post about our day. The posts highlight some of our fun times, boring times, and imperfect times.


Nobody wants to be awake. It’s 03:00.

. . . Silent
. . . . . . . . . darkness
. fills
. . . . . . . the
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . room.

Far away, a train horn honks breaking the peace and our pretense at sleeping.

“What time is it, mummy?”

• It’s too early.
• It’s not morning.
• It’s nighttime.
• It’s not time to get up.
• “It’s 3 O’clock.”

There is no point in hoping for more sleep.

We talk about jet lag. About how our bodies are confused.
We plan for what to do if we feel too tired or grumpy.

Slowly the darkness empties.

“I can’t wait this long.”

Anxiety Gremlin is back with reinforcements, Doubt Goblin and Uncertainty Fairy.

Breakfast. Cousins play.
Walk. Cousins race.
Coffee. Cousins eat cookies.

We head to a park.

Gremlin, Goblin, and Fairy pester and panic the boy until…

He runs. Flops. Sobs.

We sit and wait. The unwelcome visitors thrive in chaos.
We rest within a bubble of calm.
They leave. For now.

Return. Pack. Play.
Grandma comes.
Sleep in her car.
Arrive at her house.
Sleep some more.
Go to bed. Sleep.

Today, I was a tired mummy.
Boy, was exhausted.
Daddy lacked energy too.

Tomorrow, we’ll take things easy and adjust to the time zone. Maybe we’ll get ice cream.

Do you have any jet lag tips?

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