This is #day18.
Over the summer, I am writing a short post about our day. The posts highlight some of our fun times, boring times, and imperfect times.


Sunlight creeps through the window. We’ve been awake for almost an hour.

. Cool
. . . . . . . air
. . . . . . . . . . strokes
. . our
. . . . . skin.

The day ahead is planned.

• Hit the road – early
• Coffee & breakfast
• Drive
• Lunch
• Farm
• Hotel
• Great-grandma’s 95th birthday party

Before leaving, Gremlin makes sure to cause chaos.
Boy refuses to leave.
We talk. Then sneak into the car and hide.

Snack. Eye spy. Guess the animal. Number game…


We play. He plays. We play again.

The journey is peaceful and calm.

Boy eats junk – again.
Guilt swells.

I remind myself, he is ok.
He is fed, and loved, and safe.

The family farm.
Boy plays with kids.
Mummy and daddy chat to grown ups.

The wind is cold.
Boy wears a t-shirt; his coat and sweater remain uselessly at Grandma’s (600 km away).
More guilt.

We take a golf cart to visit pigs.
Boy is overjoyed at this form of transport.

The pigs don’t interest him.
Instead, he climbs, runs, plays, and explores.

Boy crashes.

Only daddy goes to the party.

Again, I did not meet “perfect” standards.
Boy, set his own standards.
And daddy is pretty standard. 😉

Tomorrow, we head back to the city. More travel. More iPad. More imperfection.

How do you forgive yourself for failings or mistakes?

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