This is #day19.
Over the summer, I am writing a short post about our day. The posts highlight some of our fun times, boring times, and imperfect times.


Boy sleeps peacefully until 06:18. I have been awake since before 04:34.

. The room
. . . . . . . . . . . . . is
. . . . . . . hot
. . . . dry.

My throat craves water. I think about the day ahead.

• Rest
• Recover
• Go slow
• Go nowhere
• Catch up with Papa
• Catch up with work

The morning unfurls as planned.

Boy puts cars in a tube and pours them out.
On repeat.

Boy conducts a colour survey.
He records favourite colours and which colours we are each wearing.

A math quiz follows.
Everyone gets the wrong answers.
Except me. I am not allowed to lose.

Time for the animal park.
Daddy says the pig looks like me.
Boy laughs and giggles and repeats the “joke” a lot.

Back to Papa’s house.

Major chill. An abundance of screen time.
Exhaustion smothers any guilt I might feel.
Boy needs this as much as I do.

We need a break from burgers and fries.

Excitement explodes as we count the aisles and arrive at a giant, walk-in fridge.

Head back.

Boy chills with the iPad.
I cook for everyone.

I did not win the Model Parent Award.
Boy won Excessive Screen Time Award.
Daddy didn’t win the Loving Husband Award.

Tonight, I watched a 3D printer in action. Tomorrow, we’ll hang out in nature.

Do you have days with a lot of screen time? How do you manage screen time guilt?

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