This is #day20.
Over the summer, I am writing a short post about our day. The posts highlight some of our fun times, boring times, and imperfect times.


For the first time, in what feels like weeks, we all wake after 06:00.

. . . . . . . . A
. . play-filled
. . . . . . . . . . . day
. . . . . . lies
. ahead.

There are plans in place, but we have 2.5 hours to fill before we go anywhere.

• Breakfast
• Get ready
• iPad
• Time to go

Boy spent too long on YouTube.
Anxiety Gremlin bounces with joy.
Today, maybe, it can create havoc.

En route, we stop for coffee.
Boy is distracted by the donuts – there are too many.
He panics, “Donuts, are not allowed.”

Gremlin smirks and tickles Boy’s amygdala.

Boy knows what is happening.
He says, “Mummy, it’s a big one. A super one is coming.”

I am so proud of him.

We work together.
Boy lets me help him tame the Gremlin until we get to a park.
Then, we run and chase and climb and balance and achieve new things.

Gremlin tires.

Familiar lunch in a familiar place with familiar tunnel slides.
Gremlin grumbles.

Papa’s condo. Play with cars.
Go out for a walk. Collect stones and pinecones.
Return to Papa’s. Play-fight.

At bedtime, Boy has questions. I answer.
I tell him I love him (as always).
He sleeps.

Motherhood wasn’t easy today.
Childhood was difficult today.
Fatherhood wasn’t simple today.

Tomorrow is empty. We are planning as I type.

How do you tame anxiety? Exercise? Relaxation? Both? or something different?

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