This is #day23.
Over the summer, I am writing a short post about our day. The posts highlight some of our fun times, boring times, and imperfect times.


WHY AM I AWAKE? It is 04:46. I struggle to fall back to sleep.

. . My
. . . . . . . spine
. . . . . . . . . . . . attracts
. bloodsuckers;
. . . . . . . . . they
. . . . feast.

Boy and Man sleep peacefully.
I twist, turn, and contort myself to scratch the unreachable.

• Miraculously,
• Boy
• and
• Man
• sleep
• until 07:33

Almost three uninterrupted hours of peace!

We head out, late.
Boy buys four things with money from Papa.

He is very happy and decides $20 isn’t enough.
Apparently, I should give him a billion pounds.

We talk about earning money.
I offer to teach him how. He declines,

“Mummy, you work and give it to me.”

Grandma meets us and takes us to see a parade.

We are early so visit the hockey rink.
Boy is overjoyed! He runs 4 laps around the rink.

Parade time.
It’s a small town so there is no crowd.
Boy can relax and enjoy.

Candy is thrown. Boy can’t believe his luck.

He tastes some. Yuck!
He tries more. Ugh!

He remembers he doesn’t like candy.
But he enjoys it.
At bedtime, he recalls candy as the favourite part of his day.

Today, I’d like to have been a better mummy.
Boy was in a better mood.
Man was better at running with boy.

Tomorrow, we’ll stay local again. Maybe, we’ll head to a park.

How do you teach your kids about money?

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